Terms and Conditions

Distance Learning Courses

The return of a signed enrolment form or completion of our online enrolment form constitutes a contract between the London School of Journalism and the named student.

A student shall have a period of two years from the date of enrolment to complete the course.  At the discretion of the School and at the request of the student the period of the course may be extended, for which a fee may be payable.

The student may cancel this contract by notifying the School in writing within the first 7 days after receiving the initial course materials and by returning all such materials in good usable condition within a further 7 days whereupon a full refund of all amounts received by the school will be given.

The school may at its absolute right and discretion terminate a course in circumstances where it feels that a student will not benefit further from the teaching provided and under such circumstances will be liable only to refund to the student the proportion of fees relating to those lesson modules which have been cancelled and not worked by the student.

Students who agree to pay their fees by instalments are required to make their periodic payments according to the fees schedule, except that where a student progresses the course at a rate in advance of the proportion of fees paid, the School will require payment to be advanced, or the delivery of lesson modules delayed.

All tuition is provided by LSJ Tutors Ltd. The printed course notes are supplied by The London School of Journalism Ltd. LSJ Tutors Ltd. are also responsible for tuition, course administration and student support. The quoted fee for any individual course covers the full cost of the provision of both services.

All contracts between the School and students are subject to the terms of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 in addition to the specific terms as set above.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be held to restrict the rights of Students existing under statute.

The following should be taken as an indication of current working practice and of the discretion exercised by the School in its day to day activities and do not form part of the standard terms and conditions:

The student may cancel this contract more than 7 days and less than 30 days after receipt of the initial course materials by notifying the School in writing.  The School will refund any course fees received subject to a deduction in respect of administration and tutor costs incurred to date. After 30 days no right of refund shall exist.  The School may at its discretion grant a refund or partial refund of fees at any time during the period of the course.